We believe in…

We do, because we care.
We believe that everything we do must have meaning.
We believe in the power of design.
We believe that our superpower is to be ourselves.
We believe that there is no dream that can not be realized.
We believe there are hidden opportunities in every failure.
We believe in transparency and quality.
We believe in products that are ethically produced and from a sustainable origin.
We believe our customers are the best in the world.
We believe in gratitude.

We defend the best quality, made locally.
We defend that design and responsibility must be under the same roof.

We value the timeless.
We value the human factor and the good traditions.
We value the little instead of much, doing less but better.
We value the characteristic charm of handmade products.

Without middle men, without stocks, without excessive production.
Products with handmade bases at an honest price.
Made by us, especially for you.


Moodshake is a Portuguese brand that was born from a dream of a designer. In 2014, in a country still in crisis, without much room for dreams, “never giving up” and “believing it is possible”, gives birth to Moodshake, giving it the essence of the values ​​it represents.

The name marks a turning point in the life of the brand’s founder, Filipe Estriga. A tribute to your ancestors and a desire to inspire the future. In a period of bad energy, loss, lack of motivation and empty days, the happiness of being a father and watching a daughter grow was the necessary inspiration to fight for what he believed in: creating products and services based on sustainable and responsible choices for a better tomorrow.

Like the tender adventure of a child who learns its first steps, everything we focus on grows.

The passion for design and the optimistic attitude, focused on solutions and progress, allowed him to explore the world with open arms, making life much more fun. And just as our love and joy inspires us daily in building this project, we hope that Moodshake can inspire you to fight for everything that makes you “shake”.

“Make it happen, it’s up to you!”