Let us rock your mood

We are a studio, we are design, we are fearless, we are dreamers.
Put it all together, shake it up and serve. What do you call it? Moodshake!
And until you taste it, you won’t know what to expect.

We want to be as diverse as our imagination allows us, so do not expect to be able to set us up and wait before being surprised with creations that are both creative and unique.


We create creative and exclusive quality products, made with love, handcrafts knowhow and the right dose of surprise factor.

Without excessive production, from the selection of materials to design, everything is designed so that simple objects can be transformed into objects of affection, functional and lasting.

Amazing materials and hand made diaries. I totally recommend it! Plus, great people working on it!

Tatiana, PT


StartUp Torres Novas
Edifício B do Convento do Carmo
Avenida Dr João Martins de Azevedo

2350-748 Torres Novas – Portugal