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Moodshake is a Portuguese brand and a graphic studio based in Torres Novas, Portugal.

Passionate about quality and design, through innovative production methods, original designs, collaborations with artists and brands, we create and produce a careful selection of exclusive and creative products.

Um design fantástico, aliado a um papel com um toque especial.

— Sofia, PT

Feito à Medida

At Moodshake, we offer a special service focused on the conceptualization and exploitation of materials, resulting in the development of customized products designed to satisfy the wishes of our clients, whether individuals or companies.


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Image, Wall Graphics & Environment

Torres Novas . Portugal

Profile 400 bw

Filipe Estriga


Moodshake is born as a concept within an increasing nonconformity in 12 years of experience in the creative field and the constant search for overcoming and evolution.

We want Moodshake to be like an amusement park, a place of experimentation where you take the ideas out of the box seriously. A studio/design shop of quality produtcs, visual creativity and fun.

Without over-production, Moodshake shapes the creativity of those looking for something that tells the world more about themselves.

We believe that products are more than just the physical result of the work of their creators. There is an intangible value and a personal connection that can only be appreciated when there is a shared history.

The idea is to collaborate! To create a showcase of creativity and contemporary design, where you can find brands and creations of emerging designers, where you can discover the provenance of the products and live their stories.

Moodshake is an opportunity to make a difference, to create customized solutions and to make your creations known. We are an open source platform with no commitments or obligations.
There are no mandatory loyalty periods here.

Anyone who wants to participate will not only gain exposure.
Our philosophy is to explore a world of creativity and not the exploitation of the people who dedicate themselves to it.

We hope that the joy and love that we feel in building this project will find their way and place in the world, no matter how small the way it happens.

Ready to shake things up?


We create creative and exclusive products, with quality, made with love, handcrafts knowhow and the right dose of surprise factor.

Without excessive production, from the selection of materials to design, everything is designed so that simple objects can be transformed into objects of affection, functional and lasting.



Coming in 2018


StartUp Torres Novas
Edifício B do Convento do Carmo
Avenida Dr João Martins de Azevedo

2350-748 Torres Novas – Portugal

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